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10/24/2018 10:53 am  #1

Neville’s teachings

Just wanted to post a quick message - I started listening to Neville’s lectures on YouTube about 3 days ago and every night before bed I have been imagining a specific scenario that I want to take place. (Like how Neville kept imagining he was in Barbados.) I can’t tell you what an amazing feeling of calm just doing this simple exercise has given me! Before I was constantly in a state of worry and anxiety about whether my specific person was on the way, but this exercise gives me a wonderful sense of calm as I’m falling asleep that lasts throughout the next day! It’s amazing!

If you have any favourite Neville videos or lectures you would like to share I would love to watch them!


10/24/2018 1:26 pm  #2

Re: Neville’s teachings

What I like to do sometimes is to play the youtube lectures that were uploaded by 100kwatt because they're Neville's voice and some others aren't, and some are even computerised, and whilst the videos are playing softly, one after the other, lie in bed and feel and imagine that things are as I want them to be in whatever it is I'm working on. I find it really helps listening to him talking about it at the same time, for me. Other people may find it distracting, I suppose, but it helps me focus better.

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