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10/15/2018 7:51 am  #1

Just want to share where I’m at

Just want to share ...

I posted a few weeks ago about how I was trying to attract my ex back through LOA. I had been reading up and listening to Neville and doing his revision exercise. That did help me understand LOA more, so thank you to Cynthia!.

I then hit a point where I realized that I could not shake the neediness and desperation. Ever since the breakup (about 3 months ago), I was convinced he would come back, even before I got into LOA. So I never really allowed the grief and sadness to hit me.

I hit a wall where the techniques felt like work to get him back. Revision/scripting started to feel useless after awhile because I was caught in longing/neediness. Visualization would momentarily bring me to higher vibes, but then weeks would pass without anything happening.  Even now, I realize that 3 months have passed, and while I know that time is an illusion, im starting to feel like his feelings must all be gone by now. I know it’s not an instant manifestation, but I can’t shake the waiting and impatience.

So I’ve only been focusing on myself because doing any sort of “technique” only reminds me of my ex and pushes me back into sadness and lack. I’ve only been doing self love affirmations. I was briefly on some dating apps to push myself to move on/detach, but it just made me feel more attached to my ex. Obviously, I still want him back, but the only thing that makes me “feel better” is when I’m focusing on myself. Because these are things that I would be doing ANYWAY, regardless of whether I’m with my ex or not.


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