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10/14/2018 10:42 pm  #1

A small successful manifestation

Hi guys,

I just started watching Veronica and Agnes’s videos on how to attract your ex or SP back and read some LOA books as well. I tried a small visualization excersize (got the idea from some of the other threads here) and asked the Universe to give me a surprise and let me see the sign by giving me lots of baby pink balloons (not sure how I came up with the color lol). The first few days I started paying attention to everything whenever I was outside but keep getting disappointed because I didn’t see any pink balloons. At this point, I was thinking in my head β€œHow hard is it to actually run into pink balloons?” and started to doubt if this works. Eventually, I forgot about what I asked the universe for and guess what? GUESS WHAT?

Today I went to a supermarket totally out of my way. I used to work around the area and used to go to that supermarket all the time, but haven’t been back in the same area for months. I’m not sure why I decided to go there today but I did. The supermarket hosted a raffle and I won the biggest prize! I was literally in shock because I used to play all the time and never won. At this point, I was like wow maybe it’s just my luck today. Then as I left the supermarket, I drove by a car dealership and I noticed the BABY PINK BALLOONS in front of the dealership. Like lots and lots of them, with the exact color of pink that I had visualized. At this point, it just clicked! I asked the universe for the pink balloons and a surprise and the universe gave them to me, and only after I’ve let go and stop obsessing over where and how I’m going to get what I asked for!


10/30/2018 3:06 am  #2

Re: A small successful manifestation

That’s so cool! It’s always about letting go of where it is and when it will come and how blah blah.
It was the same for me

Everything is possible. Ask.Believe.RECEIVE.
my love and I are finally back together.

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