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10/06/2018 9:56 pm  #1

Feeling good living better

My journey began with the desire to start a new relationship with my love, and I did the 25-day challenge, but I realized it should not be my primary focus, the universe knows my desire and will deliver, and I do feel and see the progress. This forum has allowed me to find ways to feel better and allow other things in my life to come into fruition. I know the universe really does work for us and once I truthfully understood the power of the universe, or as much as I understand now it made me feel so much better. I notice a change in myself, the positive ways people have changed around me/towards me and I have even received many people telling me that my smile has brightened their day which makes me feel good and know this is all working. There are so many reasons to smile. 😊

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10/12/2018 10:32 am  #2

Re: Feeling good living better

I was having a bit of a crappy mood this week because I was so busy so I did not give myself to find time for myself, even though things around me kept happening that made me smile for a bit but I couldn't shake it. I realized I was focusing on the negatives this morning. I gave myself a break to clear my mind and then meditate and I felt my mood shift instantly, I looked outside my window as I was driving and noticed that there is beauty all around us. I am so grateful to get to enjoy it.

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