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9/21/2018 3:44 pm  #1

NEW to the Forum!! in need of your great advice!

Hi Everyone!!!
My Story is very long! I wanted to explain the whole situation for you guys! and I think I came across this board host for a reason. I appreciate your time and every input is greatly appreciated!!ย 

I am new to this wonderful, encouraging board host, I have been reading the success stories for about a month and they have kept me positive when I am feeling down about my SP. Today I have found that my specific person changed his profile picture to giving flowers to a girl that is cut off I have no idea who she is but I am devastated. I feel I attracted this in a way, overthinking and in the back of my mind if there could be someone he is seeing or talking to. My situation is as follows I met my SP in 2015 we met in a bar exchanged numbers and he texted to see me very casually but I did not respond, we stopped talking and he reached out months later but I never responded because I was in a relationship which I was just settling for we ended up breaking up and about 5 months later I thought id say hi to him and from there we started texting, we ended up meeting at his house talking for hours and I felt like I knew him for so long! He said the same, and we did en up being intimate! I regret it the next day, but I decided to own up to it and we kept talking and seeing each other more. He mentioned meeting his mom, I met his family, sister, cousins, we went on several dates and everything was going good. I must say he moves very slowly as we both are Tauruses lol until end of September last year I was with him one Saturdayall day we were together he knew I was looking for a relationship and as we talked about being serious he asked me to be his girlfriend at his place, I really would like to think he meant it, I said yes and later that night he got bad news that his dad has colon cancer and it advanced fairly quickly, I was there when he got the bad newsย ย I felt horrible hugged him asked him if he was ok and that he could count on me on anything he needed, he decided to go to the hospital that night since his dad was getting surgery, I left home said goodbye gave him a hug and he had told me to text him when I got home and I did once I did and asked to keep me updated with his dad surgery and I had him in my prayers. I did not hear from him that night, nor Sunday and I became very worried about him and decided to call him still no answerย ย later that night with much anxiety I was feeling and could not sleep I texted him if he was OK, that I couldn't sleep.. he then later responded that I should go to sleep, he will be going away for some time to be with his family and prepare. He than said these exact same words: You should forget me... I am no longer in the mindset to continue with you... I hope you understand, Take care of yourself. He then added Ill attempt to call you tomorrow. I never received a callย ย I send him a card, trying to comfort him in this hard situation and I still have not received a message from him saying he received it, thank you for your gesture nothingย . We talk through Whatsapp which lets you know when the person is online to talk, I have seen him online many times and wonder if it only takes a few seconds to message someone why hasn't he messaged me. I also cant help getting negative thoughts when seeing him online thinking maybe hes talking with another girl, he never really had genuine feelings for me, I wake up in the middle of the night to check if hes online because I know he suffers from insomnia, and I know that me checking to see if hes online most likely interrupts with my manifestation, and my anxiety kicks in, he also doesn't have social media but his sister which I met does and I have constantly check to see if she posts any updates on her dads health. which could interfere with my manifestation. I would greatly appreciate your input and advice. I then became impatient and decided to text him to see how he was, how his dad was doing and he was very short about conversation and said thanks for asking. 4 months passed and for my friends 30th birthday I drunk texted him I wanted to see him and he responded, we then started seeing each other casually, but I feel in my heart he is my soulmate, I have never felt this strong for someone and he has expressed very intimate things with me and said he loved me. He then disappears for the summer and I have not seen him since June and today I see this picture of this girl she is cut off but still my stomach is in knots and I cant help think I attracted this! and I refuse to give up on him!! We willbe together!! I have a lot of work to do!! but I am willing to do it!! I also would like to add I see his name everywhere, the car he drives, listen to songs that we realte to, I also a few weeks ago ended up at his sisters condiminium building by a friends cousin who recently moved there, I feel like I get signs all the time. Eventough now that I think about I have seent many signs past two weeks :/ He always checks my stories last few weeks he hasnt much. Last time we spoke he did say he misses me but takes no action this message was on September 6th.

(I apologize if there are any typos)

Thank You all again, you all give such great positive advice!!! I am grateful for it!!


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