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8/30/2018 6:34 pm  #1

I keep having this vision of him as a baby

Hi Veronica! We broke up because of my jealousy and a lot of anger and resentment on both sides, despite we loving each other. Its been months now. I'm taking care of me and focusing on other areas of my life, visualizing, and managed to manifest a few signs and I'm so happy, but no contact yet.
I keep having this vision of him coming towards me as a baby, reaching out and I hold him and hug him so tight. Sometimes I see the two of us as babies laughing.Β What does it mean? Has anyone had this experience? Thank you!


9/04/2018 3:32 pm  #2

Re: I keep having this vision of him as a baby

I've no idea what it means although I think it amusing and a bit bizarre!

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