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8/28/2018 10:07 am  #1

Hello! New to forum not to Veronica πŸ’– first online script :)

Script for September with my SP:

My SP and I had the greatest time in Mexico this month! I was so surprised he asked to come last minute!  We spent days sightseeing, shopping an getting tan and nights dining with different people we’d met native to the city. After the trip he made plans with me to attend his military ball in Vegas coming up in October. I was so excited to shop for dresses. Still undecided whether I want to wear red or blue. Since he started calling and texting me we haven’t had one fight. We both realize how important life is and I will no longer tolerate disrespect nor will I cross his boundaries allowing plenty of space for both of us to grow and be at peace together. I am strong on my own and will be fine on my own, he is by my side because he chooses to be. I give my SP plenty of space to feel free with me. Thank you God for everything you bless me with in life. I’m truly grateful and happy.

Thank you so much for reading!


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