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8/08/2018 5:44 am  #1

Obvious sign or am i just going insane?

last night before i fell asleep, i had an imaginary conversation with my SP. Sort of whispering technique-ish.  I told her i'm really sorry for everything i did post break-up, and that i know it's been troublesome between us but i hope we can let it go and start over. And i asked her to just give me a sign in one way or another to let me know how she feels about this.  Whether she wants us to make amends and grow towards eachother again.

Now supposedly not long after i had that imagenary conversation with her, i received a text message from a girl i know but am not close to in any way. We haven't even talked to eachother in like 2 years. The text is in said "Come back again".

Is this my answer from the universe or am i just going nuts and interpeting a possible drunk or "oops wrong person" text as a sign ? πŸ˜‚


8/08/2018 6:42 am  #2

Re: Obvious sign or am i just going insane?

You are reading way too much into stuff and that can be a slippery path . I did that before and it drove me nuts


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