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8/03/2018 5:53 am  #1

What to do when your ex treats you like a friend? :) friend-zone

Hello it's me again!

I've attracted the ex I wanted back into my life. After 7 months of not speaking to each other we started to chat and yesterday went out to a swimming pool for the first time.
The problem is, she has a boyfriend (she "loves" him, she doesn't, she's not happy with him but she still thinks she "loves him"), they have been together for like 2 weeks now and you know... I think it won't work out.
Now she treats me like her friend, saying things like hey bro, pal, dude... You know, you would act like this to a good friend of yours but not your romantic interest. Basically I broke down yesterday and today (emotional breakdown because all of this happened), I had to push it out so I did.
I did RS, a lots and lots of self love, visualisations. That's how I attracted her back.
Now question for you guys. This is the last step on my "get ex back" thing. I am friendzoned, we went out only once and I don't know what to do now. Should I invite her on a date (like movies or something similiar) or should I use LoA to help me and still live in the wish fullfilled? It's hard to communicate with her when she treats you like a friend. I want more.
Thank you for any advice, I am very close. My case seemed nearly impossible, she hated me so much for so long. Now I feel I am super super close to my manifestation and when it happens, I will post my success story here and I will tell everyone what to do to attract the relationship with your ex because I know it's possible. I just need some advices and help from you.
Thanks again, have a great day everyone! Any help is appreciated!Β 


8/04/2018 3:54 am  #2

Re: What to do when your ex treats you like a friend? :) friend-zone

Does this woman know you want a romantic relationship or does she think you're OK with a platonic friendship? Would you rather have the platonic friendship than nothing and hope she eventually wants the same? Have you ever had a conversation about this and looked at what caused you to separate? Do you communicate well in general?

Would you be strong enough to say to her that you don't want to be friends, that you are only interested in a romantic relationship, walk away wishing her the best and then start to apply law of attraction principles?

Or are you happy to continue being friends and see what happens?

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8/04/2018 3:55 am  #3

Re: What to do when your ex treats you like a friend? :) friend-zone

Also I don't see how you can really love someone after two weeks, unless the other bloke is someone she's been friends with for a long time prior.

Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.

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