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7/18/2018 12:57 pm  #1

It’s done!

Hey guys!

So this stuff really works. I lost my way in self love and all that. When I started getting me back things started happening. Money, social life, etc. I was writing what I wanted every night like I’m so happy and grateful now that.... anyway He started treating me differently and being more loving. I manifested some things before getting him back that really were great . We got some alone time 2 weeks ago and it was really telling. I was able to see how he really cared. I kept going. The most important part by this point was that I was happy already I was AT PEACE. I didn’t need this. I found out today from him that he’s been missing me and this time he really feels he messed up and it’s different. He knows I’m the one for him. He texted me and just flat out told me he loves me and misses me. He wants to meet up and talk today! I’m so happy. He has been texting me all day telling me he can’t wait to see me and that he made a huge mistake. This stuff works but get you back. Be peaceful and happy you deserve that whether you get them or not. This feeling this peace and being in tune with yourself attracts them. I have seen this happen 3 times now I just need to maintain lol. But I love me and how I feel no matter what I m keeping that.


7/18/2018 5:02 pm  #2

Re: It’s done!

That's amazing!

I hope i can achieve the same thing

The last few days i do feel really happy, at peace, and relaxed. Good things are happening all around me which just confirms to me my vibrations are in the right place. The stress of the break-up and all other nasty things and negativity regarding it is definitley gone.

Could you please share with me (in PM if that's more comfortable for you) what you scripted daily?  I'm looking for some inspiration with my scripting.  If you want to keep that to yourself that's fine too.

I'm happy for you you managed to manifest this!


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