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7/10/2018 12:28 pm  #1

Please share your changed belief(s) and belief systems!

Hi everyone! I just need a little pick me up on changing beliefs. I know how to do it but I've been a little down in the dumps about it for a few days now which ultimately has made me lazy with my affirmations. I would love to hear about your new and changed beliefs you have created for yourself to live your most optimal life. What were your old beliefs about something you were struggling with (in any aspect), and what is your new belief that you now live by that helped you conquer it? Do you feel silly for once believing in something that never served you? Share your thoughts!Β 


7/11/2018 12:55 am  #2

Re: Please share your changed belief(s) and belief systems!

Hopefully this helps out.

In 2013 my job was relocated to TX . The company would not let anyone relocated (it was a blessing in disguised) I was able to keep working at the same company. In 2015 I was getting no were with the company and started to look else were. I lost count of how many jobs. In 2016 around May/ June i started focusing on this one company. Friends were telling me no way you can get in. I said to myself watch me. I started to apply hard core. It took me anout 7 months & 3 job interviews later. But that 3rd one was perfect. What helped me the most is even when i had a bad day or doubting moment I focused on the end. Saying to myself some how some way I will get in. I started cleaning up my desk 5 months before i even got the job. Plus it helped me get distracted. Saying I need to start cleaning my desk because very soon I am going to have this amazing job.

I am doing the same thing right now with my sp Matt. I keep telling myself I have to clean my apartment, get rid of things i no longer need because I am moving into matt's house in 2019. When i feel doubt i just acknowledge & say i can do this. I am an amazing manifestor of my life. If that does not work I listen to veronica's or agnes vivarelli you tube videos & do self love.

I know its kinda of long but hopefuly this helps

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7/15/2018 3:51 pm  #3

Re: Please share your changed belief(s) and belief systems!

When I started my journey about a year ago I used subliminals to re-wire my subconscious. I really believe they worked. Once my limiting beliefs were almost non-existent I started learning more about loa again. I'm still fairly new to consistent self love and other practices to attract my person but I've never felt so peaceful and centered in my life. That's how I know I'm on the right path.


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