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7/07/2018 3:33 pm  #1

My First Script // Roy's Scripting

Hello everyone, i decided to start scripting. If i understand it correctly, you basically make a journal entry but instead of writing down how your current day went, you write down how an ideal day in the future went, as if you are already in the future and just lived through that. Am i correct?

The script:


An amazing thing happened today!
It started out as an ordinary saturday, i woke up around noon after going to the pub with my mates the night before. We had a blast. I woke up by the sunlight shining straight into my face, which i usually find annoying but for some reason, not today.
I checked my phone as i always do, and among my notifications, there was a message from my SP.
Being too excited to read it, i didn't open it straight away and started my morning routine.
I completely forgot about the message until the evening. It was around 8PM now and i was chilling on my bed listening to some Amon Amarth. 
I opened the message... and i was shocked. My heart skipped a few beats. Something i thought would never happen, actually happened!
The message said;
"I'm sorry i was so mean to you after i broke up with you, i was just really confused about my feelings... i didn't mean the things i said... and i really regret dumping you, i now see i was wrong about you.. maybe we should talk things over soon. I miss you πŸ˜₯❀"

I'm so happy, i'm actually shedding a few tears of joy and relieve, this is amazing. I've been waiting so long to hear these words from her. I'm just... really really happy.

End of script.

Thank you for reading


7/10/2018 10:54 am  #2

Re: My First Script // Roy's Scripting

Time for another script:


Today i went to a music festival with my girlfriend. Oh wait i haven't told you guys yet. After she send me the text about missing me and wanting to talk things over, it turned out she still had feelings for me and still loved me. So we decided to start a new relationship together and leave the past in the past. So we're happily together again

To celebrate i went with her to a metal festival called "Into The Grave". We had so much fun, we watched our favourite bands and drank a lot of beer together. The sun was shining and the weather was lovely. We headbanged and moshed together and i sat her on my shoulders so she could get a better view. At the end of the day we went to a McDonalds to get some BigMac's and went home, where we had the most amazing sex ever and fell asleep together. She makes such cute noises when she sleeps.
As we fell asleep she kissed me on my cheek and cuddled up even closer to me. Such a great feeling. I can't wait to wake up and see her beautiful face in the light of dawn tomorrow.

---End of script---

Thanks for reading everyone

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7/12/2018 2:44 pm  #3

Re: My First Script // Roy's Scripting

Feeling a little low so it's time to make a new script and raise my mood

--- Start Script ---

August 11th, 2018

The funfair is in town today, which is always a big happening where i live. The entire city is covered with rides and stands and fun things and there's live music and it's always fun.

I asked my girlfriend if she'd like to come along with me, and ofcourse she did! She loves the fair. I picked her up from the trainstation and we went into town. It was so much fun, we roamed the fair, went into a few rides, we shared a huge cotton candy, and i won the cutest stuffed animal for her. We kissed as i handed it over to her. Afterwards we went into the bar to drink some beers and have fun. We had so much fun together. And she didn't leave my side for even one moment the entire evening/night. By the end of the night we went to my house, and we had the most amazing sex. She slept next to me again, ugh it feels so good to fall asleep with her in my arms. What an amazing day. I still can't believe this all actually happened! We're so in love with eachother again <3

--- end of script ---

Let's all assume this is exactly what will happen. Thank you for reading

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7/26/2018 8:49 am  #4

Re: My First Script // Roy's Scripting

Made another script

--- Start Script ---
September 1st, 2018

A few weeks ago my ex finally reached out to me, she told me she missed me and acted the way she did because she didn't wanna show her true feelings. She realised she made a mistake by dumping me. Our conversations flowed with love again and it felt as if nothing ever happened. We decided to meet up and talk things over... upon meeting up she bursted out in tears, she missed me so much and was so happy to see me again... we didn't really talk much. We cuddled, we kissed, and the connection, love and passion were still there. I guess sometimes words can't express what we want or feel. We held eachother the whole day, she didn't want to leave and slept over, god it was so nice to sleep next to her again... the next day i simply asked her if she wanted to be my girlfriend again, she looked so happy and nodded yes with a tear falling from her eyes. I hugged her tight. She's officially my girlfriend again. I'm so happy and relieved that against all odds, against all signs this would never happen, it still happened. We went to the beach and watched the stars with the sound of crashing waves behind us. She told me she'll never leave me again. Everything is perfectΒ right now.

--- End Script ---

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4/30/2021 6:15 am  #5

Re: My First Script // Roy's Scripting

A script for the Spark CDM and/or the SparkLE as a dedicated Bitwig Drum-machine controller would be just awesome     

Who would be up for collectively financing such a project?


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