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6/21/2018 1:51 pm  #1


On this day July 21st 2018, me and my ex fiance  Ryan A DeEstrella were able to take the first steps in fixing our relationship. We talk about our core issues. My institutes and trust issues. His dishonesty and being unfaithful. he apologized all the pain he caused me especially during my pregnancy. I apologized for being clingy and overbearing and being so consumed in making him happy that i forgot everything else including our daughter. He also Apologized for making the situation even more uncomfortable by moving in his love interest while we were apart.   

He told that even while we  were apart he still loved me never stopped. he told me that i am the only women besides his  mom that ever had his back been there for him  at the drop of a hat no matter what was needed even before we were together. He said he was so proud to see that I finally learned to love myself in that becoming a better mother and women and wife. He said  thank you  for always  looking past my past  with addiction and bipolar disorder and loving me anyways

He told me how much how much he appreciated me for everything that I do for him and our child and sorry if he every took it for granted. he said he missed me so much and needed me. that he would try to communicate clearly with me more his needs and i would mine. 

we shared our goals and dreams to be better parents and adults

he then looked at me  and i at him like it was the first time we were together everything around us stopped and he kissed me  and was like magic 


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