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6/18/2018 11:42 pm  #1

I think I manifested a thing

You tell me haha! But I think this was a manifestation.

This past weekend was Pride in my city, and I did go with friends, even though I was feeling really down about it. All i could think was, My person should be here with me, we should still be together. Of course, seeing happy couples and even my friend's engagement ring just made it feel worse.

Saturday night, my friend A and some of her other friends and I decided we'd go out to one of the clubs. I think I'd even previously thought "wouldn't it be nice if i caught someone's attention", but it definitely popped into my head before going. Of course, the place was packed with people, a lot coupled. I tried to just focus on myself and dancing. I got tired after a while and left my friends to it and went to sit in the lounge area.

This cute person came downstairs and we made eye contact. They came over and started talking to me, though they were definitely drunk and their friends were like, "come on, we have to go." After that, I got myself a drink and sat back down. Everyone except A also came off the dance floor for a bit; we even took pictures from the person who was going around taking them. Everyone else went back in, and i stayed with my drink.

Up the stairs comes the person from before and their friends. The person asked if I wanted to dance and i said sure. They actually took my hand to lead me into the crowded room, and we danced up together for a while. It was nice; I mean, it's been almost 3 months since the breakup, can you blame me? i also definitely felt a bit shy.

They did eventually get overwhelmed, I think, by everyone bumping into them (& probably because they were drunk), and I didn't quite know what to do. They did say bye before they left, telling me to have fun, and gave me a tiny kiss.

Afterwards, I thought, Well, I wanted to catch someone's eye, and I did. And then I kinda went, Wait -- did i just manifest this?!

What do you all think? It seems so weird to think, because I just thought it and then it happened!


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