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6/02/2018 5:53 pm  #1

My Scripting

He messaged me. "Can I call you? I need to talk to you." It seemed weird to me (why ask?), but i replied with an "Of course!"

The call came through immediately after he saw my message. "Hey," he said, sounding a little strange. "Hey," I echoed. "What's up?"

There was a pause. Then: "I broke up with ____."

Oh. I didn't know what to say, so I just said that "oh". I felt my heart start to hammer.

"I didn't love her. I couldn't. I just... liked her. She's hot, but..." His voice trailed off. "I couldn't give her love." I felt like I was expected to say "I'm sorry this happened", but in the next moment, he said: "I still love you."

My heart was in my throat.

"I never stopped loving you," he said, quietly. "I was scared and I tried to move on, but... I couldn't. I love you." There was a pause. I couldn't speak. He said my name, asked if I was there.

"I'm here," I said. "I... just..."

"I'm sorry," he said. "I should never have broken up with you. _____.... she was hot, I liked her, we bonded, we did stuff together, but I couldn't love her. I never forgot about you. I never stopped loving you."

I blinked back tears. "I love you, too," I said.

Then he said: "I want you back."

Time stopped. My heart stopped, then felt as if it would burst. Tears leaked out silently.

He said my name again, as a question. I could hear his voice waver. "I'm here," I said again, my own voice shaky. "I want you back, too. I want Us again."

I heard him sniffle on the other end. "Will you give me another chance?"

What kind of question was that? I almost laughed. "Of course. I want this. I want Us."

"Will you be my girlfriend again?"

I didn't hesitate, except to grin to myself. I can't even describe the overwhelming happiness I felt at hearing those words; it felt like my heart was bursting. And i said "Yes."

He sniffled again, with a little laugh. "I love you," he said, and I thought I would explode hearing him offer those words to me again. It was beyond happiness, beyond relief. I had forgiven him everything long before, so i didn't feel anything other than love. So much love. "I love you, too, baby," I said through happy tears.

"When can I see you?" he asked. I wanted to go to him immediately, but I knew I couldn't, since I already had plans. I asked if Friday would work, and he said it would. "I can't wait," I told him, and he said, "Me neither."

I had to go, and i told him so. He said okay. There was a pause. Then he quietly said "Thank you."

"For what?"

"For saying yes."

I gave a little laugh. "As if i wouldn't? I never stopped loving you, either." What I didn't say was: "I knew you'd be back. I knew you loved me. I knew I could bring you back."

We said goodbye, I love you. I felt it in my heart from both of us. I meant it, he meant it. I felt -- I feel -- so grateful. So lucky. So thankful that the Universe delivered my desire. We've been texting again, just like we used to, with hearts and kisses and calling each other "baby".

I went to meet up with my friends, and couldn't stop grinning to the point they asked what was up. I told them: we're back together. We love each other. We always have. I always knew we could be great together, and all my conviction and belief paid off. They looked surprised, which was funny, and then they all congratulated me. There were so many hugs!

I feel beyond happy. We talked on the phone again before he fell asleep. "I love you," he said sleepily, "so, so much. I'm never letting you go again."

My dream, my desire, has come. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


6/03/2018 4:40 pm  #2

Re: My Scripting

I woke up to the first "good morning baby, I love you" text I'd received in a while. Happy warmth radiated from me when i saw it, snuggled up in bed with my dog. He'll be so happy his buddy is back, I thought, looking at the sleeping pup. He loved my love, too.

I replied to the text. "Morning, babe. I love youuu." I put so many hearts afterwards. A minute later, he was calling me.

"Hey," I said, still yawning.

"Hey baby," he said, his voice full of gentleness. "Did I wake you up?"

I told him no, and thought to myself that it wouldn't have even mattered. I was so happy to have my love back with me, to be together again, that I wouldn't have cared if he'd woken me up.

We talked on the phone like old times. Interruptions from the guinea pigs as they wheeked for food, my love walking outside to smoke, me relaxing on my bed and smiling so much my face hurt. My love carried the conversation, talking about work, mostly. I heard him take a drag on the cigarette. "What are you thinking?" he asked.

"Nothing," I replied. "I'm just...beyond happy."

"Me too," he said. He took a breath. "I'm sorry I put you through it, though."

"There's nothing to apologize for," I told him gently. "I forgave you already." He didn't seem to know what to say, so I said, "I love you, baby. Always."

"I love you, too," he said. "Is it Friday yet? I want to see you." I laughed and suggested he come visit me. "The pup misses you," I said with a grin.

"Durin!" my love exclaimed. "I've missed him!" He said he would check if he could get a ride, and I silently knew he could. We said goodbye, I love you, and twenty minutes later, he texted saying he'd got a ride over to my house. Excitedly, I went downstairs to tell my mom, who i live with. She was still asleep, and i woke her up to tell her my love was coming to visit, and that we were back together. She looked shocked, and i laughed. She got up and gave me a huge hug, telling me how happy she was for me and that she loved me. I was so happy and excited I thought I'd burst!

When I got the "5 min" text, I clipped my dog to his lead and went outside to wait. I had even put on eyeliner, even though I figured happy tears might wash it away. The car pulled up and my heart hammered. Durin barked, and then: There was my love.

Durin barked and wagged his tail so hard his butt wiggled. "Hey, buddy!" my love said, pulling out his overnight bag and thanking his own mom for driving. I caught his mom's eye and waved to her. She grinned and waved back, then winked at me.

My love walked towards me as my excited dog jumped all over him. He finally reached me and looked into my eyes. I could feel myself getting teary eyed, could feel my heart overflowing with love.

"Hey," he whispered, his own eyes becoming wet. Then he reached to hold my face. I closed my eyes and tears leaked out. I couldn't stop smiling.

Then, finally, he kissed me.

I never wanted that kiss to end. He held me close, as i held him.

"I've missed you so much," he breathed. I touched his face gently, wiping away a tear.

"We're together now," I said. He nodded.

We held hands as we went inside. He seemed a little sheepish, saying hi to my mom again, but she hugged him and i knew he had nothing to worry about. My dog bounded back in, wanting my love's attention.

I took his overnight bag up to my room, meaning to go back downstairs, but he followed me up. He kissed me again, and this time, neither of us stopped. My dog got bored of us making out and left the room.

"I'm never letting you go ever again," he murmured, brushing my hair from my face. "Ever."

I grinned, caressing his face. I knew he meant it. I knew, too, that I was worth it. I would never doubt Us ever again, I would never doubt him again. I would never doubt myself again.

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6/18/2018 5:59 pm  #3

Re: My Scripting

(For day 6 of the challenge)

My love and i spent the day just relaxing at my place. Durin insisted on being in the bed with us, again, despite there being no room. I didn't mind. We were all together again.

Mom asked us if we were hungry, if we wanted to watch anything. We had a snack, sitting snuggled together on the couch. My love and mom talked easily again, and i was beyond content to just listen and be with the person I love. Nobody brought up the past, nobody was upset. We all laughed together. My brother even came out of his room, and my love looked happy to see him. Durin relaxed on his dog bed, in and out of sleep. My love held my hand, idly caressing it as they leaned on me.

It was so relaxing and calm. I felt still for the first time in a while. I felt peaceful. We did nothing all day but talk with mom and chill on the couch, and I felt fulfilled. How could I not, with my love back by my side?

We tried to go to bed early, as my love needed to go to work the next day, but we got... distracted. I wasn't complaining. I missed it. We eventually did fall asleep, my head on my lover's chest. I remember them kissing my forehead, saying "I love you and I'm never letting go again" just before I fell asleep. I said a sleepy "I love you so much," wrapping my arm around my love.

We slept so soundly we almost missed the alarm in the morning. And when it was time for them to go, we couldn't stop kissing. I finally said "You're gonna be late!" with a laugh.

We texted all throughout the day, and talked on the phone when able. I'm so happy. I'm so thankful. I have my baby back, and I'm so thankful to the Universe!

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6/18/2018 8:52 pm  #4

Re: My Scripting

Wow! I love your script. Is that manifested yet? Β 


6/19/2018 12:30 am  #5

Re: My Scripting

madone87 wrote:

Wow! I love your script. Is that manifested yet? Β 

Aww thank you! And not yet.... yet! ;)

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6/19/2018 1:20 am  #6

Re: My Scripting

Cait11 wrote:

madone87 wrote:

Wow! I love your script. Is that manifested yet? Β 

Aww thank you! And not yet.... yet! ;)

I have been looking into scripting methods too. I'm in a hopeless situation. I hope I am able to let him back soon too.


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