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6/10/2018 9:56 pm  #1

Is it wrong to manifest this?

I have this friend who I like very much. I want to date him, in fact, but I had dated his brother before. We dated for 2 years before I broke up with him because he was very negative--nearly abusive--and I knew I deserved better. The brother I like now was always there for me without having any romantic intention, but just naturally, it developed for both of us and I know it did for him too because he eventually confessed it to me except now he says he doesn't have a crush on me anymore or that it could never happen because of the family situation.Β Still though, I very much like this person and want to date him. I feel like I was suppose to be with him instead and I definitely know he treats me much better.Β 

When I first noticed I liked him, I kept it to myself, but then I did receive his confession and told him (and a couple of our friends) that I liked him too. Now I manifest actually dating and being a happy couple, sometimes without meaning to and sometimes I look for positive triggers into those thoughts. The problem is that his brother (my ex) is extremely jealous and controlling. He threatened to disown his brother if he ever considered dating me which has obviously made him very afraid to lose his family and receive backlash, hence him saying it could never happen.Β 

So is it wrong to continue to manifest dating him and keep this belief that I will? I have my doubts, I'll admit, but only in myself for hanging on to this thought because I'm afraid that believing my ex will change his mind and perspective, that I'll date his brother, and that the relationship will be understood and accepted by our family will turn out to be a waste of time. It seems like a situation plagued with forces of doubt I really try to resist, but is it really so silly to manifest and try to date this guy? Is there any advice to bring more positive vibes to the way everyone is feeling?Β 

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6/11/2018 12:34 am  #2

Re: Is it wrong to manifest this?

Try thinking on the lines of not whether it is right or wrong but whether it is worth it.

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