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6/08/2018 10:46 pm  #1

conflicting energies?

Hi, I'm very very new to this awareness, but before I had heard of it and wrote it off as silly. My boyfriend at the time was the same was, but I was drawn into more research when I started to notice our energies were completely different (I was more optimistic and let go more than he did). Now I'm actually putting in research to know what to do in negative situations such as the one I'm currently in with my ex. I want him back, but not romantically--just as a friend.

During our whole relationship, being friends was an obstacle because his belief was if you're friends then you'll never be romantically interested in that person again, but he chose to ignore and avoid me immediately after the breakup because he was also scared of having feelings for me still and not getting them fulfilled. I want to be his friend because I know there have been good times we've shared without the pressure of sexual or romantic to end the day plus I became very close to his family while we dated and I want to be around all of them too.

I'm aware that the breakup hurt him and he needs space, but I'm curious to know if energies can conflict i.e. will my energy to be his friend be trumped by his energy to not be around me? If his energy is just as strong as mine, could we actually be friends?Β 


6/09/2018 1:25 am  #2

Re: conflicting energies?

You create your realities individually. You create your reality with your version of him in it. He creates his reality with his version of you in it. You only see your reality, you don’t see his at all. You can only create in your individual reality. So, your energy is what matters. You don’t have to compete with his energy. He doesn’t create anything in your reality. You are free to create whatever you wish.


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