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5/31/2018 11:26 pm  #1

Summer Challenge!

Summer is an excellent time for staying active, enjoying the warm weather, traveling, and putting yourself out there! As part of my 25 Day Challenge I have decided to create a companion list of 25 things I want to do while I am focusing on self love. This is also an excellent way to keep yourself busy, happy, and fulfilled!Β 
1. Visit my favorite flea market
2. Save enough money for my fall surgery
3. Finish making updates to friend's website
4. Finish writing my book
5. Visit the boardwalk
6. Read The Law of Attraction
7. Read the 25 Day Challenge
8. Visit the the local modern art museum
9. Plan my friend's bridal shower
10. Fix necklace
11. Buy a new rug
12. Throw a birthday party for myself
13. Create a vision board
14. 30 Day meditation challenge
15. Go on 5 dates
16. Go camping
17. Go to my favorite club
18. Go to Big Sur
19. Get a massage for my birthday
20. Get a hip tattoo
21. Visit Los Angeles
22. Get cute nail art
23. Finish my sleeve tattoo
24. Visit Joshua Tree
25. Celebrate at Pride Β 

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6/08/2018 7:15 am  #2

Re: Summer Challenge!

wow sounds like lots of fun! good luck

Please Send some Love and Positive Energy my way
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