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6/07/2018 2:06 am  #31

Re: Scripting challenge

Hi everyone, I wanted to share a story to you all. This morning, my bf was standing before my frontdoor with a bouquet of pink flowers. He said he had a lot of thinking about our relationship and the fact he couldn't commit to me the first time. He said that now he was 100% ready to commit and want to give it a try. He told me how amazing I am and he was really sorry for abandoning me. I accepted his apologies and said that I forgive him with all my heart. This saturday he is going to take me at a restaurant. He asked me to wear my most beautiful dress. We are really giving this another try! I'm so happy and blessed that the universe returned my lover. I am so gratefull. Thank you, thank you, thank you universe!Β

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Love, JessicaΒ Β


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