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6/04/2018 7:01 pm  #1

I did a small thing!

So there's a documentary I want to watch coming on at 8, and i also needed to shower. I also wanted to shave my legs. Usually this would take... forever, pretty much. Especially since I got in at about 7, and was listening to music (& taking the time to skip songs). (I don't take quick showers lol.)

I said, Okay, I'm going to finish and be out of the shower and done before 8. I'm gonna see the beginning of the documentary. And i went about showering and shaving. That was maybe 7:20 ish.

I was dressed and walking out of the bathroom at about 7:40!

Obviously, it was more hands on than getting my ex back, but still. A tiny manifestation! I just need to treat the ex thing like this, and we'll be back together in a week!    It's gonna happen!!


6/05/2018 3:58 am  #2

Re: I did a small thing!

I love it!

I bet your really let go and just enjoyed your pampering time too and then it manifested!

Keep it going!


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