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3/30/2018 1:05 pm  #21

Re: Let's talk about you

I love that y'all are doing this again! Makes me happy

1) I have amazing eyes
2) I am loving
3) I am determined
4) I have a nice body
5) I am naturally smart


3/30/2018 8:32 pm  #22

Re: Let's talk about you

I am the best.ย 
I am the most kind and caring girlfriend.ย 
I am self-sufficient.ย 
I am talented.ย 
I am successful.ย 
I am beautiful.ย 
I am responsible.ย 
I am amazing.ย 
I am secure.ย 

Be kind. Be loving. Be grateful.ย 

5/06/2018 11:47 am  #23

Re: Let's talk about you

1. I am kind
2. I help people in my job everyday
3. I love deeply
4. I'm funny
5. I appreciate the little things


5/09/2018 3:22 am  #24

Re: Let's talk about you

This is interesting. Let me try!

1. I am fun to be with.
2. I am smart.
3. I have musical talents and is creative.
4. I am a thinker and problem-solver.
5. I am able to keep calm even during storms.

Woah, this is more difficult than I thought it would be.ย 


5/12/2018 10:28 am  #25

Re: Let's talk about you

lets give it a try

i have good looks, my body is inshape
i make friends everywhere
i am easy going
i pick up skills fast
i graduated from college in a young age
i am always willing to help people
if i have my eyes on a goal i always reach it!

Please Send some Love and Positive Energy my way
I am Grateful

6/01/2018 11:58 pm  #26

Re: Let's talk about you

1. I can make people laugh, and i love doing it!
2. I have great hair that adds to my personality.
3. My eyes are really pretty.
4. I can sing and make visual art!
5. I'm tenacious. I do not give up.


6/07/2018 2:32 am  #27

Re: Let's talk about you

1. I am a kind person, I have a good heart
2. I am very caring, I am very empathic
3. I am respectful towards every living being on this earth
4. I'm a good listener, people can come to me to talk about their feelings and problemsย 
5. I am a hardworking person

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