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4/03/2018 9:17 am  #1

RS is working...need more help

Hi iam trying to manifest a sp
I was following agnes and was doing meditation for unconditional love... progress was there bt bit slow. Then i came to know bout RS from first i felt disgusted to sexually attract then i thought to give it a try..i did it from the place of love...70 percent unconditional love 30 sexual desire as me n my sp both are shy.

Difference is there a massive 1
I want to ask 2 questions regarding RS
Do i have to do it daily to make a difference?? ( as i have a feeling in back of mind that i dont do it daily things will stop manifesting)
2ndly what if my sp gets a feeling bt he is trying to fight them or hide then ( cause i want marriage with him) then how to do RS so that he admits his feelings for me..( may be iam projecting this too)
help appreciated.


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