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3/25/2018 11:36 pm  #1

Awesome Day with Matt

Another sweet day with Matt. We decided  just to stay at his house today. Both of us slept in. It was sunny outside. We decided to go four wheeling😎 So excited, i told him it will be awesome. We spend the entire afternoon on his four wheeler. So much fun and excited. I absolutely love my life with him. When we got back he took my hat off. I told him. Wind hair. He said i love it. You are such an awesome country girl. I said well thank you. I gave him a big kiss & hug. He gave me one of his awesome bear hugs and a long slow kiss. He looked deep to my blue eyes and said I love you. My face turned red and I said I love you too. He put his hands around mine and said. "I love you very much..I can not see my life with you. That awesome blue eyed country girl from the mitten state. I am so glad I got the courage to reach out that one day. I was not sure but I took a few drinks and decided to reach out." I said it does not matter we are together now. That is what counts. He said I love you so much. He put his big arms around me. I said i love you too. I want to fall into you. Just like in the song by brentley grilbert....


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