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3/19/2018 1:27 am  #1


Do you think itโ€™s possible to intentionally manifest something that you feel scared, nervous, or otherwise not ready for, just through belief that itโ€™s yours, even with these feelings?
I think sometimes there are situations that you feel nervous about but then when you actually experience them, they arenโ€™t so bad.

Also, when using revision on a memory, is it ok if you decide to remember another person acting very differently in the memory from how you know them to be right now? Not just in a better way, but kind of โ€œout of characterโ€? I donโ€™t mean anything negative. I know that people change because of what we believe about them, but I guess whatโ€™s making me unsure about this is because itโ€™s working on the past.



3/19/2018 2:05 am  #2

Re: Questions

Yes, I think you can, to the first question.  If your belief that it's yours is stronger than any fears, I think the stronger of the two is going to take precedence. You don't have to be perfect at all times, remember that.
Yes, I think you can, to the second question as well. For one thing, how do you know what 'out of character' really is? There could easily be a side to the person you've never seen before, for one thing, and of course people can change. Revision is supposed to change the past, which is then supposed to change the present and future. The change can be a dramatic about face -for example, the daughter-in-law ordering her mother-in-law out of her house, 2 years going by with no relationship there at all, the mother-in-law writing imaginary letters from her daughter-in-law and grandson asking why she hadn't been round to see them, and 8 days later the mother-in-law receiving nearly word for word letters from the daughter-in-law and grandson, thus healing their relationship, which on the surface seemed hopeless.

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Re: Questions

Thanks Cynthia

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Re: Questions

You're very welcome, fizzy. And you have no idea how much you've helped me. I've been doing so much better lately, so THANK YOU!

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The first man to raise a fist is the man who has run out of ideas.

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Re: Questions

Youโ€™re welcome Glad to hear!

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