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3/03/2018 5:27 am  #1

Remote Seduction can work with...

I just want to ask you something because I am a little bit confused.
Basically I am using remote seduction since two weeks on a person who doesn't know me. I mean we never met each other, but I sent him some letters during this winter and I am almost sure he read them and maybeΒ  he knows also my name.Now my question is...If I send my energy to him...can he connect that energy to the person who sent him those letters? In this case...he can feel I am that person!?
Actually I want to send another letter next month and I would like to know if remote seduction could work...
Explain better! In case those old letters won't work and I send another one, he could feel something reading it?

Ps: He receives several letters.


3/03/2018 10:56 am  #2

Re: Remote Seduction can work with...

Is this somebody famous?

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3/03/2018 3:03 pm  #3

Re: Remote Seduction can work with...

I guess, you are referring to a famous person maybe?
I have been in a situation where I attracted a person, that did not know me.Β  we saw each other once a week in driving school, but there he never paid attention to me and we obviously did not talk.
I did RS on him and he made himself a facebook account in order to TEXT ME!
so, it does work even if you dont know the person personally.
Of course, it can be helpful if you at least SEE The person at some point.
But I am sure it still works if you keep your belief up.

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3/14/2018 7:56 am  #4

Re: Remote Seduction can work with...

basically yes!But it's not a big celebrity
I also wanted to ask another thing.
Basically my crush has not social network, but one of his friends has Facebook, Twitter and I could get a private contact of him with LOA.One month ago, I sent him a message on his private contact, despite I had not to do that.Anyway I still didn't receive an answer and he didn't even read.I don't even know if he opened the app. Initially I didn't care to do something on him, but now I am starting to use Remote Influence on him for having my crush contact on that message. Do you think it is ok if I do something like that? I am very confused with it.
I am trying to see him replying meΒ  and giving me contact and also I am trying to send "trust" feelings since he doesn't know me. I am keeping to repeat "trust me and give me the contact". Is it okay?
Now I can not think about letter because I am sure he can't give an answer and I don't want to waste time. LOL
I would like to focus on friend for reaching my crush. But I don't know if I am doing something wrong with the process. I mean I heard often usually it's the crush to reach you and when I think about I find very difficult to believe in my crush reaching me ahahah So I want to make a step to reach him...without flirting or stuff like that.

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