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2/22/2018 11:14 am  #1

RS and 'Letting Go' Experiences

Hey guys!

Recently I've been following Wendi's remote seduction technique on a guy I'd like to attract. He is an actor living in LA, and we have never met/spoken. Basically he doesn't know I exist.

Though I have encountered resistance pertaining to these facts, I've been good to remind myself that I am a powerful creator, and that I will line up to him when I'm ready. So far I've only done 3 RS sessions which turned out well. Though it takes me some time to really get into it, I often come out with feelings of satisfaction, contentment, and joyful anticipation.

My question is in regards to letting go. After the first 2 sessions I didn't feel as much of a need to continue. The obsessive feelings are starting to taper off, and I'm starting to focus more on my self improvement. After all, I want to be my best version when I finally meet him. I'm guessing that letting go means that my desires are closer to manifesting, and that he has received my influence. What are y'alls opinions on this? Do you think it couldn't hurt to keep RSing just for fun, or to give it a rest and focus on self improvement/healing while I let the universe do the work?

If anyone has another way to go about this or any helpful tips feel free to share!


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