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2/08/2018 4:21 am  #1

An interesting excerpt

I recently read something in Neville's lecture on the freeneville website which I really liked and found worth sharing.I have posted the excerpts Apologies if it has been posted before:

Here comes this day a letter to me (he’s here tonight) he said, “I’m from the Midwest. My mother and brother have had nothing but physical problems, I mean, health problems. He came out of the 2nd World War emotionally disturbed and he’s been in and out of the Veterans’ hospital, well, constantly, really. He’s always taking these psychological treatments. For four years I made a little plan, I called it my mailing program, and I mailed them what I called metaphysical literature for four years, hoping that they would read it and would have a change of attitude towards life and bring about a change in themselves. For the medical world seemed not to help; they got no help from the medical world. So I thought, well now I’ll get this and call it my program, my plot.

Well, at the end of four years I heard you, and then I stopped it, I stopped sending them books, which I didn’t realize until only two weeks ago that they never even read one of the books. As they came they threw them into the ashcan. But I didn’t know that until two weeks ago when a neighbor of my mother from the Midwest came paying a visit to the West Coast, and she told me as the mail arrived, books right straight to the ashcan. So they never once read a book…in keeping with what Ben Franklin said about books that were given. He said that people seldom read a book that is given to them, and the best way to spread a thought is to charge a modest price for it. Don’t give a book; charge a modest price for it and because they’ve invested they read.” But this was not an investment on their part. The son sent these books week after week in the hope that in some strange way the mother would read them, the brother would read them, and bring about in themselves a change of attitude towards society, which they didn’t.

So he said, “What I did was this. I couldn’t reach them by sending them gifts of books, and having heard you, that the whole thing is myself—-didn’t have to depend upon my mother reading a book or my brother reading a book—I could do it. So I assumed full responsibility now to produce a change in them, though we are hundreds of miles away, no physical contact save by letter. I took a letter in my hand, a mental letter in my mental hand, and I could actually see—he used the word “actual”—I could actually see my brother’s hand writing and then I read what I wanted to read when I opened that letter, that ‘I am feeling much better and Mother is much better than she has been.’ I read it over and over in his handwriting. On the morning of the 24th of February, last month, I received a letter dated the 22nd from my brother, word for word.” Because he actually told me what he said, and then he quoted from his brother’s letter, not one word, not a comma was out of place”…that this letter is coming across space, saying to his brother here.

He said, “May I tell you, Neville, not in ten years have I had anything but a negative letter from my mother and my brother, not once concerning their health condition but a negative state. And here in three weeks…I did it for three weeks, every day, and quite often several times in the course of the day. When I thought of it I simply repeated it. At the end of three weeks this letter came, and the following day, one from my mother. This is what she said, ‘I have not felt better in fifteen years’—from the two that were simply hypochondriacs.” He said, “I know now imagining does create reality. I don’t have to spend my money sending them books to get them to read it. All I need is the desire on my part to help them, and then it becomes my responsibility. And so, I simply went to the end. The end was a letter in my hand where I could actually see my brother’s handwriting and then read the contents of that letter as I wanted to read it. So I actually wrote the letter that I read three weeks later. It was written in my brother’s handwriting but I dictated that letter. The whole thing was all within me. So I know today I can support this claim: imagining does create reality.” So that’s the name. “Call upon my name.” Who was doing it? And I said to him…he said, “Well, I am.” And he would have told me, but he said, “I told no one. I kept it as my secret, I never confided to anyone. I just said I am hearing from my brother.”
In a practical sense it’s I AM. I am writing a letter. What letter? I’m not going to tell you now. I’m writing a letter, it’s coming from my brother. I’m writing another letter, it’s coming from my mother. And they’re telling what they haven’t told me in ten years, because they’re always complaining about how horrible they feel. But now I’m going to make them tell me they never felt better. And so, my mother’s going to write me a letter. Here’s the letter in my hand and she’s telling me she hasn’t been better. And I thought ten years…she changed the script somewhat because she told me fifteen years, but my memory went back ten years. I can’t recall when she wasn’t complaining, and so I thought ten years was long enough. She tells me by her own letter fifteen years. My brother tells me he has never felt better, that everything is perfect, and I haven’t received a letter of that nature in ten years from my home in the Midwest.

So I’m asking everyone to do something about it and then write me. Tell me what happened, how you did it, as this gentleman did. It only took him two pages—-not on both sides of the sheet—-one page would have done it. In just two simple pages in longhand he told me the story I told you tonight. And now I say to him, not a thing in this world can stop you but you. You’re in business, go to the top. Go to the end—hold the end in your own mind’s eye. Hold it in your hand if there’s something you can hold in your hand implying the fulfillment of your dream; hold it in your hand as you did the letter. If it’s a contract, hold a contract. If it’s a bank book with a certain statement, hold it…if it’s the morning’s paper bringing you the news you want. Do you think that’s crazy? You can do it.


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