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1/21/2018 10:42 pm  #1

Writing manifestation

Hello everyone,
So my boyfriend of 7 years has been living with me for the past two years . We had a lot of arguments and problems towards the end of 2017  and he moved out and we haven't spoken or seen eachother since .... untill february 21st 2018 my fathers birthday, i went over my dads house and i celebrated his birthday. I got home and I got a random text from my boyfriend saying Hi how are u? I got sooooooo surprised and excited and thanked the universe because I've been manifesting and visualizing for a month for this very moment. I knew it would happen i had so much faith and did it every day . Anyways back to the story ... so the conversation went on by text until he asked me what are you up to tonight? He asked me to go the bar to grab a beer , play pool and catch up. I said ok .. I quickly started got excited and took a shower,did my hair, makeup and got dressed . I wanted to look my best . I put my boots on and coat , locked my door and started walking towards the bar which is literally 10 mins walk from my house . As I got in the bar I saw him sitting down at the bar looking down on his phone and looked up and saw me . He smiled and looked soooo happy to see me . He greeted me in a friendly way and said want something to drink? I said sure lets get a pitcher and play pool! So we started drinking and playing and he was teaching me some tricks about pool and he was leaning in to me . He turned me around and just hugged me so hard and grabbed my face and kissed me . That kiss felt like it came from a movie or something. It was so passionate and beautiful. He looked into my eyes and told me I missed you so much . I'm so sorry for everything and the  way things ended, I've realized sooo much and all the good things u did for me . I was just so nervous and so many things were happening all at once . He grabbed my hand and told me he loves me so much and wants to start on good terms with me again . I told him I loved him too but if we are going to get back together we have a lot of things we have to change , about our surroundings and our bad habits . We spoke about everything. He even cried for me and said he'd do anything to recuperate our relationship. So when the night ended he came over and ended up sleeping over . The next day he got ready and went to work and told me he was gonna arrange a day to move back all his stuff into the house . As soon as he left to work I called my friend who showed me the Law of Attraction. I called and started crying of joy and told her omgg it worked !!! Miracles do exist and if you really believe in something and visualize yourself in it as if your living it already it really does work!! You gotta be happy within and with everything around you . Do many positive things and do let the negative get at you , but day by day the universe really grants you what you truly wish and gives it to you in the way you want it and better! So , a day later he moved back in his stuff and my family came to see us and was sooo happy for us . We are truly better than before , stronger than ever and our love has grown soooo soooo much . Positivity is key and really believing is how you'll receive it . Thank you universe you truly are amazing , i love you ❀️


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