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12/08/2017 11:13 pm  #11

Re: Never Give up!

LOA always work. Even when we state it as a 'failure', it's actually LOA still working but not in our favor.

God (or Universe) gives us what we align with. Or what we are. It may take time, but it works.
If you feel that you're doing well these days then you manifested something you perceive as bad, I think here are the things:

1. It's just a residue from your old thoughts or beliefs, and you can think differently, feel differently and change it into new belief to manifest something different.
2. It's a blessing in a disguise. It's a path that God created to bring you your desire. Because sometimes, God gives us our desire with some ways that we've never thought or imagined before.

Try to think that everything is happened for a reason, and try to trust that somehow you'll get there.

But for now, it's okay if you want to let your emotion or sadness out, if it can make you at least a bit better.

Good luck!


12/10/2017 8:04 pm  #12

Re: Never Give up!

So it's been couple days since I posted! I was feeling very low on Fri but I read a lot of success stories and have convinced myself to believe that there is no such thing as hopeless case when you have UNiverse by your side. No matter how bad things have gotten between you & your lover, the Universe always knows a way to make things right!Β 
So I did a lot of self love meditations and yesterday finally went out with a friend and he introduced so some really cool people. We laughed, we had couple drinks, we all talked it's like I met new group of friends it's so nice. We had a snowstorm yesterday but I kept saying I don't wanna be home, and I manifested such a wonderful night I am so grateful for that.
This morning I put in a "fresh order" so to speak with the universe. Immediately after that I was watching this movie and within 30seconds of me talking to the universe, the movie also used words like "universe will deliver" and something about imagining etc. I left for gym and stopped at this new gas station for some gas, I wanted a cup of coffee so I went inside and it's so busy in there. I grabbed me a small cup of coffee, got in the line and said "wouldn't it be nice if I get this coffee for free. Idk if that's possible but let's see" and GUESS WHAT? YES I got that coffee for free. The store was giving out complementary coffee in honor of their new opening. They had signs on the door, on the coffee counter but I didn't see any until cashier said it's free any size coffee. I expressed immediate gratitude to the universe. After my gym session I went to get something to eat from McD drive through and they asked me to pull up and someone will bring my order out. I waited good 8-10 min and decided to go inside and check on the status. The girl was just coming out with my order and she said they included another sandwich for the wait ( I even wondered if I was gonna get something from this experience too and it happened). Then I went to the mall to pick my hubby (will never use the E word) his christmas present. The parking lot was nuts, there were so many people there, I pulled in one row and told myself I'm gonna find a parking spot and won't have to drive around looking for it, and sure enough I got a spot as soon as I pulled in. I picked what my baby has wanted and even got a very cute christmas card ( read for my husband) and it pours out all the feelings I want to express to him. I even went to the same venue again and visualized us getting married there. I stopped by the temple to pray and got home. I was a little anxious again thinking how and when is it going to happen, but since the Universe always delivers I have faith my desire is also on it's way. I expressed immense gratitude for all my manifestations today. I can't wait to share my success story with you guys.Β 
Thank you to this wonderful community for all the support and love. I am so grateful!!!

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12/10/2017 11:17 pm  #13

Re: Never Give up!

Wow, that's awesome! :D
More wonderful things to come! Good luck, can't wait for your success story! ^_^


5/09/2018 1:25 am  #14

Re: Never Give up!

Any update?


6/07/2018 3:21 pm  #15

Re: Never Give up!

This is just wow keep it up 😍😍 stay positive xx


12/07/2018 10:41 am  #16

Re: Never Give up!

You're such an inspiration! Love you for it!Β 


12/22/2018 7:24 am  #17

Re: Never Give up!

Shivani_LOAbeliever wrote:

Kiba101 wrote:

First of all do not ever go on his accounts, that is telling the universe you don’t trust him and he isn’t trustworthy and he is seeing other girls. Remember you are a creator and you create your reality! You are your own obstacle.other girls, his family are all obstacles you are creating. You need to believe in yourself and know your self worth.!!! Practice self love and be happy with you!!! Stalking his social media will only create negative experiences. If you want your love then believe you have him! Trust the universe. Trust god. Trust yourself. So smile!!!!!! Be great ful and be happy!!!! You are a amazing wonderful person and you just need to love and believe in yourself

Is there any such thing as "law of Attraction Failure", I seem to be doing everything fine (up until an hour ago), and I have not seen single sign of his return. If anything he keeps going farther and farther away. Are there any affirmations/subliminals to help my cause?

Dont ask for signs. You will receive signsΒ 
(I am receiving madly marriage invitations, trust me.... !!!)
Focus on having it, Focus on your manifestation. STOP looking here and there.... !!!

Thanks & Love  ​
Feel free to PM for anything else.
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1/01/2019 6:18 pm  #18

Re: Never Give up!

Need some encouragement..Ive been working on my self love for about three months now and it has helped me so much find the love I never knew I was missing out on Im still believing in my sp returning but xmas and new years was no joke really hard. Β I decided to unfriend him on social media this morning because i was doing great not looking but id hit a slump and I would look again. Β not sure if this was the wrong thing to do or message i'm sending to the universe or my sp..but i had to find anything to help me let go more. Β I feel fried from all the loa methods nevill godwards, then whispering, etc etc i do like 500 self love affirmations a day and read a lot about loa..maybe i'm fried i don't know..i can manifest some things little things but other things no..i don't want to give up but i'm feeling a little too down.. thank you for feedback fellow LOA ladies and gents xoxo

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