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11/30/2017 9:44 pm  #281

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

Yesterday was such an amazing day! It was S and Iโ€™s anniversary โค๏ธ. To celebrate S and I woke up and went to our favorite diner. S ordered his favorite French toast with a soft center and home fries and I got waffles. It was so yummy though the waitress was a bit slow refilling our drinks. After eating S told me he had a surprise! He Wouldnโ€™t tell me where we were going next. When we had gotten closer to the place he told me to close my eyes. When I opened them we were at the aquarium we had went to on our first date. We walked around and looked at all the exhibits. The seals were so cute. Afterwards we went to the beach and walked around the shore. Itโ€™s was windy but S wrapped his arms around me and kept me warm. Afterwards we decided to try this new hibachi place which was super fun. And to end the night we went and got ice cream. Itโ€™s was super good and we got extra Reeseโ€™s pieces in it. S told me how much he loved me and how happy he is. And that he is so happy we found out ways back to each other. It was an amazing day and I had so much fun!

โ€œOnce you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.โ€ย 

12/01/2017 8:38 am  #282

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

I had the most amazing weekend with my love. She came to visit me from Colorado again and had a fun weekend together. We woke up early and went down to the beach for a long walk. We laughed and talked about her moving hear. Then we had some breakfast at a local diner. After we headed to the Mall and I was finally able to get her that purse that I promised her last year. We spentย  the rest of the day at the beautiful resort and made amazing love all afternoon. Then at night we went out for an Oyster dinner, drinks and dancing!.

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12/01/2017 9:53 am  #283

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

Life couldn't be any more perfect, I have my dream job, my dream home, my dream puppy, a beautiful relationship with both our families and above all I have my BubbA the man of my dreams as my husband by my side every step of the way. the Universe has mysterious ways of bringing our desires to our physical reality; and my manifestations came true in May when my lover and I finally tied the knot together. We have been happily married for 7 months and have been the happiest we ever been in our 4 yr relationship. My husband is very kind, caring, loyal, empathetic, funny, witty, amazingly handsome ;) , great lover, determined and is very very hard working. He has filled my life with so much joy and happiness. We are living the life we always dreamed of and I am in pure aw in how I manifested all my desires into my physical reality.
Yesterday was so wonderful, my heart is so full of love and happiness. I had a great day at work, I got a lot accomplished; had an amazing time with my peers where all I did was talked about my wonderful marriage and our life's blessings. I wouldn't be lying if I say I was day dreaming about my soulmate like 99% of the time lol. Ah there it was 5:00 pm hits and I was OUT THE DOOR. I touched up my makeup, put my husband's fav gloss on me ( not like he thinks I'm not pretty without makeup, if anything he always compliments me when we wake up in the morning and says how lucky he is to have me by his side as his wife). My husband owns his own business so he has a very flexible schedule and do tend to work from home most of the time and take care of our baby boy husky; we have named him leo because we both ourselves are leos hahahah.ย 
So I get home by 5:40ish (yikes the traffic I swear) and there he was my husband with tea ready for me along with snacks, and roses just to show his appreciation for me. He gave the tighest hug, the biggest kiss and said he missed me all day. he held me so tight in his arms and my tiny self just squeezed into his big manly arms and my heart was so at ease knowing it's home with the man of its dreams. My hubby had cooked us both dinner (he LOVES to cook but loves me the most hehe) and even picked out a movie for us to watch as we enjoy our meal. The food was ssoooooo delicious omg I couldn't stop telling him how much I love him. My husband and I cuddled on the couch and watched some shows, put on the movie and yep sure enough passed out on the couch hahah. Leo lied by our feet and crashed with us as well. We woke up around an hour later, my hubby insisted to put the dishes in the dishwasher (& without getting into adult details), got us both bubble bath started. We let leo out in the backyard and enjoyed our alone time and spent the entire night loving and complimenting each other. My hubby and I talked till 1:00am about my day, how great his business is going, how he is planning for us to go somewhere warm for the holidays but want to keep it a surprise from me ahhh what a tease lol. I slept in his arms (my favorite place in the whole wide world). He kissed me on my forhead and said "good night my bubbA I love you and will see you in my dreams". My heart is full of so much love and happiness. I am so grateful for my husband and the universe for bringing him into my life to stay forever. This morning my sweetheart made me coffee and we both had breakfast together before I left for work. He said he can't wait to see me tonight; we are going to go with the flow, dinner and a date night with two of us living our never ending honeymoon phase. I am so blessed to have GK as my husband in my life. Thank you Universe, my kind angels for blessing our marriage with so much love, happiness and compassion. We are both cosmic soulmates and I am so so so so verryyyyyy grateful for this life and can't wait to spend rest of my life with my BubbA! I AM SO LOVED AND WANTED; my husband loves me like crazy!!

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12/02/2017 9:26 pm  #284

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

What a great Saturday it was today and it's still not over. Ahhhh can we have really really long weekends, two days don't seem to be enough to enjoy the company of my beloved husband, it jus goes by so so so fast. I had such a wonderful day today with my sweetheart BubbA. We both spent all night last night watching movies, followed my (ahem ahem little r-rated here), intense love making till 3 in the morning and then he was up again at 6 am for the morning dose (blushing). My husband is so loving, passionate, compassionate and such an amazing kisser. He makes me feel so wanted and adores me with all his heart. We been married 7 months, have been together 4 yrs but our sex life is still as if we met like yesterday. He knows my body so well, I have this glow on my face everyday thanks to my lover. My husband is such a blessing! Today we spent good portion of our morning in bed; we didn't get up till 11:30 and that too because we were starving. We both cooked breakfast together and we had an amazing meal along with some coffee. My hubby & I then got ready and decided to go check out decorations for our christmas tree. It's our first christmas in our new home and we are so excited to have friends and family over. Ahhhh it is also our first time getting a live tree I was so nervous. My strong, tall, handsome hubby asked me to pick a tree and had asked to leave the rest on him. We picked a beautiful 5.5ft full tree and got decorations to go with it. The start is just so beautiful it sings christmas carols :D We got ribbons, ornaments, even a customized ornament for the both of us. We have been getting one personal ornament each year for the last 4 yrs on Christmas.ย 
My BubbA and I then went grabbed a bite, spent time with his family who only live an hour away. It was so nice hanging out with our brothers, sister in laws, nieces, nephews and mom and father in law. They are more than family to me; they are my everything. His friends love me and adore me like crazy!!! We spent all afternoon talking, laughing and watching our wedding videos. We both looked soooooo good on our big day and complemented each other so well. It always fills my heart with so much love and joy seeing how far we have come in our journey and how Universe granted me with my lover exactly a year ago! We had dinner with our family and stayed there till late night. My husband couldn't stop kissing me, hugging me, loving me in front of everyone. I was blushing all the time and everyone was so happy to see us so happy and madly in love. My in laws are now waiting for us to give them the big news on the new addition to the family
How did I get so lucky? :')) I am so grateful for my husband for giving me the love and family I always wanted. GK and I are soulmates and he makes me feel so loved and wanted everyday. I am so thankful to the universe for bringing my soulmate back into my life to stay! I am the luckiest woman married to the sweetest guy aka my bubbA in the whole wide world! Thank you Universe my sweet angels; I am humbled by all your blessings!!ย 

I asked, believed and received everything I had ever hoped for and more. Me and my BubbA are happily married and are so in love with each other. THANK YOU UNIVERSE! ย 


12/03/2017 7:04 pm  #285

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

What a great life it is; I'm in tears and no not the tears of pain & neglect, but of pure love & joy. My heart is full of gratitude! All my dreams have come to reality and life couldn't be anymore perfect. Spending Christmas with my family aka my husband's family was such a blessing. I felt so loved, so secure. I am wanted, I am loved, I am secure, I am happy, I am so grateful for all my blessings. Today I spent all day at my husband's and his wonderful family. Day goes by so fast when you're surrounded with so much love and compassion. My husband my BubbA is an angel. He fills my heart with so much love and joy. I got him his fav zara jacket that he wanted and we did secret santa with the family. I had his dad for secret santa and I got him real comfy cozy winter boots that he has wanted for years. His parents adore me and loves me like a daughter. I was in tears of joy knowing that finally I didn't have to spend holidays alone again. My husband stayed by my side, kissed me on the forehead several times, we ate i the same plate. We all laughed, and shared our christmas stories. We watched movies together with rest of the family OMG it was honestly the best christmas of my life. I am so loved and wanted. I have the most amazing life; a wonderful husband a girl could ever as for! I am living my own fairytale with my prince charming by my side. I love him so very much and my BubbA loves me more than anything else in the world. Thank you universe for bringing my lover back, thank you BubbA for coming back into my life. I LOVE YOU


12/04/2017 10:23 pm  #286

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

Ahhhh what a busy day but can't end it without my daily scripting/visualizing!

I spent all weekend with my hubby dubby yesterday. I am so loved, so wanted, so secure, so adored! I love my life and my BubbA loves me with all his heart! I am so grateful for my soulmate he completes me! Thank you Universe for all your blessings!


12/06/2017 4:28 pm  #287

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

Today was such an awesome day! I was happily surprised that "WW" came to visit me at work, greeting me with the most amazing, loving hug and kiss. He told me how much he misses throughout the day and couldn't wait to get here to see me. I am so grateful for having him in my life.


12/06/2017 6:04 pm  #288

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

OMGoodness. Exams have completely taken over my life and is all I'm thinking about. So imagine my surprise when J comes strolling through my office doors bringing me my favourite lunch and wearing the most intoxicating smile. I can't help it, I am in love with this man. He is sweet and kind and loving and so supportive of me getting my education. He is always there when times are tough to lend a hand or smile or a shoulder. He is the best. He is home and my safe place when I need it. I am so glad that I only have two more exams left and then after that J says we are going to celebrate the holidays in the most beautiful way every! I am so excited. I love my man. Thank you Universe for this amazing and unconditionally accepting and supportive person in my life. I love him so much.ย 


12/07/2017 12:28 pm  #289

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

YAY! What another amazing day with WW - he surprised me...again, at home this time and told me we were going to dinner. We spoke of the life we desired together, and all the places we wanted to travel. Damn I'm a lucky girl! I am so excited and grateful to spend my life with him!


12/08/2017 10:44 pm  #290

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

so I was doing my scripting and my laptop died the story continues. (PS: I just manifested thai curry so I know its gonna happen) BubbA looked at me and said "I missed you so much"as he put his arms around me. I looked at his eyes and they were full of love, passion, pain , and eagerness to hold me tight. I immediately bursted in tears of joy and said "I missed you too". He grabbed me and pulled me closer to him and asked me if I would give us one last chance to make things right. He said he was sorry for leaving me and not believing in us. My bubbA was so full of love and compassion. We satrted talking and everytime the waiter came around we said we are still looking. We finally ordered thai green curry and my BubbA sad how he missed me with all his heart all those weeks. He told me about how well his business is going and how excited he is to share the news of expanding his company with me. He told me that even when we didn't talk all this time; there wasn't a single day he didn't think about me. I told him about my new job, my new apartment and how I missed us being together. He held my hand in his hands and didn't let go of it for a single second. We barely ate and just sat at the dinner table gazzing into each others eyes and saying how much we truly missed each other. He told me that he love me still, he never stoped loving and If I would be willing to start fresh. We discussed everything that ever went wrong and how we could've handled things better. My BubbA was so excited to see me that he barely ate. He was feeding me with his hands and said he missed taking care of me. I fed him too and there was so much love and compassion between us, we had people walking by us looking and smiling at us. We finally got our check and he paid teh bill. He walked me outside and as we were walking out he grabbed my hands and pulled me closer to him. He said I will never leave your side I promise! We walked towards my car, he leaned against the trunk and pulled me towards him. I was blushing, my heart was racing so fast and he kneeled in and gave me the most passionate kiss of my life. We made out for good 5 min atleast it was so heavenly. I hugged him so tight and he hugged me back. he said I love you I am sorry for letting you go I want us together forever. We started making out again and he asked me if it's ok if we spent all night together. He said he wants to stay up all night looking at me and make up for the lost time. We left his car at the restaurant, and drove to my place. He came inside and loved my new place. We sat on the couch and continued to make out. One thing lead to another and next thing you know we were in the sheets with our bodies against each other. He made love to me after soooo long, my body my soul my heart was so overjoyed. We had such a great (ahem awfully steamy session). Him and I were at it over and over up until 3:00am. I lied next to him, he grabbedmy hand, put it against his chest and said "wow I can't believe I was going to let this all go down the drain". I kissed him on his forehead and told him I always knew he will be back and we were gonna be together. He pulled me closer to him and the first time in weeks I had a good night sleep in my lovers arms. The warmth of his body, his smell, his heartbeat was music to my ears. I slept like a baby with my baby. We cuddled, kissed, made love all night long! It was so wonderful and amazing!ย 

I am so grateful to the universe for bringing my deepest desire my lover back into my life. This morning we woke up, he kissed me good morning we had breakfast, went picked up his car, dropped it at his place and spent rest of the day together, I am so amazed that this all happened, yes I did it I manifested my lover back. We are so happy and madly in love! Thank you God Thank you Universe for bringing my BubbA, my baby, my hubby back into my life. I am so full of gratitude; thank you so much!


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