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11/04/2017 1:50 pm  #1


Met a new guy over the summer. We have been on and off. He has some insecurities that caused us to fight. I also have some of my own that I am working on. Recently I attracted him talking to me again even after him saying that he didn't want to be friends. We shared an intimate night together that was amazing. Stayed up all night talking. This is a person who cuts people off and keeps them cut off. He doesn't talk to exes and such. I stuck with knowing we would talk again and we did!!!!

"You can be, do, and have whatever you want. You are the creator of your reality."

11/04/2017 2:08 pm  #2

Re: Success!!

Congrats my dear ❀

I am blessed and loved.

LJ + K forever!

11/22/2017 5:00 pm  #3

Re: Success!!

Thank you for the inspiration ❀️
Enjoy your co creation loveship❀️


11/28/2017 1:03 pm  #4

Re: Success!!

that is wonderful...good work


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