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10/29/2017 9:09 pm  #1

First I manifested concert tickets, then last night I met the band!

I have had a crush on a member of this band for about 4 years now.Β  They are semi-famous and I manifested winning concert tickets to see them last night.Β  I have seen this band many times and they always have meet and greets after the show, but I have never gone to one.Β  I did not want to meet my crush this way, it felt sort of desperate to me.Β  So I wanted to manifest meeting him in a different environment.Β  I envisioned meeting him at a restaurant before a show. I thought it would be so cool to meet him that way, but if it didn't happen it would be no big deal.Β  When I gave it more thought, I figured it was probably a silly wish because I could not imagine the band having dinner right before performing at the show.Β  Last night on the way to the concert, my friend and I went to a restaurant a few minutes away from the concert venue.Β  The place was packed and there was a small wait, but then the hostess asked if we wanted to sit at the bar so we took those seats.Β  There were people waiting at the doorway and lined up outside waiting to get in.Β  My friend got up to go to the bathroom, then turned right around and came back and said, "Your crush is here!"Β  At first I thought he was joking and I wasn't even going to turn my head, but something told me to look now, and when I did, there he was!Β  I was so excited, I was shaking!Β  But I jumped off my chair and went right over to him and introduced myself.Β  He was there with a few other members of the band, waiting to get in.Β  I asked if I could have my picture taken with them and they said yes.Β  Then I chatted with my crush very briefly and even bought him a drink.Β  I was so nervous and excited I was tripping over my tongue, but I am so thrilled to have met him and now have a picture to capture that moment.Β  Sooooo happy!!!


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