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10/14/2017 7:19 am  #1

No contact with my neighbor

Hi! So the ex that I'm trying to attract back into my life is my neighbor...literally right next door to me. I'm curious as to how I'm suppose to follow through with the no contact part with this being the case?


10/14/2017 7:44 am  #2

Re: No contact with my neighbor

It's not meant to be taken too literally. You're bound to bump into each other. No contact in this instance means being polite when you see each other and not being drawn into relationship or personal discussion. And of course the usual, not texting, emailing, ringing or DM-ing them.

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10/14/2017 1:10 pm  #3

Re: No contact with my neighbor

Ok great that's how it has been lately. We are just on a positive hi & bye basis. I of course want more convo but I avoid it

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