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9/19/2017 10:30 pm  #1

Is a sign of manifestation reason enough to break no contact

When is contact ok? It has taken me a very, very, very long while ( I am talking years), but finally I am at a place where I am beginning to love and appreciate myself. Now, I am sending out love to my specific person instead of needing it from him. I am focusing on other things in my life and I can finally think of him in a non-needy way. Instead it is positive and uplifitng. I no longer think I have to apologize to him ( apologize to myself for thinking I was not good enough). I also no longer think that he has to apologize to me ( since everything is me pushed out!!!, re: Neville Goddard teaches as expressed by Agnes Vivarelli). Late last year, I removed him as a friend on FB to help me in the process. He begin to post things publicly. I admit that I still checked on him every now and then ( I know, I know!) So, I did the same posting publicly, as a way to keep contact. At the end of June, 2017 I stopped posting publicly and then at the end of July so did he. I was crushed. However, as I said, I have finally begun to refocus to me. With my refocusing, I admit I do still check but not half as much. I have been really feeling positive about "acting as if", and assuming it has been done. Today, my FB news feed is filled with a post from him. He wrote a blog and shared it to a group of which we are both members. Several mutual friends have since shared it. The picture he used is not his profile pic, it is one in which he is wearing the suit I visualize him to be in when I assume all is well with us. My question is: Do I respond to this post. Do I "like it" or do I ignore it? I want to like it but.....not sure. Would it be considered unnecessary contact? Please help me in this time sensitive issue.ο»Ώ is this breaking no-contact?

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