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9/05/2017 9:07 am  #41

Re: RS - About RS

Thank you for this post!
question - I'm now to a point that I want to take a little break for myself, I manifested many other things but I'm trying to let go of the pressure of manifesting this person back and take a few days break from doing any LOA techniques but I still keep thinking about him often, his name keeps showing up everywhere and I visualize different scenarios when I wake up or fall asleep because it just comes to me and makes me feel good having those feelings of us together. My question is if I keep visualizing or doing RS - does that make me attached and slows down my manifestation? I have faith and believe that it will happen eventually in the right timing but I also don't want to be too attached to it.
Thanks and have a magical day!


9/07/2017 2:05 pm  #42

Re: RS - About RS

Amyh24 wrote:

AceWay123 wrote:

Staceylouuu91x wrote:

I'll try using RS without the sexual aspect, although I felt connected to him, I don't really want him back in my life if it's only for sexual reasons. I guess I'll work up to the sexual aspect.Β 

Having a bit of seducing is fine since that's the whole point of RS. Just keep the love higher than seduction. Good luck❀ know that its working, because without a doubt, it really is.

I have been doing PW and visualizing him apologizing to me and saying I love you, I made a mistake, etc. should I change it as if we are together now? What about the whisper technique? Is that more for seeds to get played in his head like "you miss Amy so much and love her with all of your heart"?

Good question. Will like to read answers alsoΒ 


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