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9/04/2017 8:21 am  #1

Tears and more emotion then normal

Good Morning,

I read Lanie's books  and have been doing PW with a little BWD mixed in there or a mixture of the two.  After reading through some of the forums I realized that I needed to have more feeling and emotion behind my visualizations.  This morning, with out Lanie's MP3 meditation,  I pictured my POI in the parking lot, called his name and he came to me with a smile on his face.   That is all normal as in I see that all the time. He then started saying how much he loved me, missed me, how he made a mistake and apologizing.   Because ultimately, I want to marry this man and have been thinking of that the last few days, in my visualization he got down on a knee and said he never wants to be without me because he loves me and asked me to marry him.  At this point my throat got tight, my eyes filled with tears and was so happy I started crying.  Am I finally getting it?  There has to be emotion behind your  visualizations to make them come across louder.  I am also doing Lanie's love spell and since I've been doing that he has not liked any of my stuff on Instagram. He was sporadically here and there. Every few days he still looks at my Instagram story though.  I have read that sometimes the POI will pull away. Why is that?


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