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8/15/2017 5:04 pm  #1

Hi...Im new here. I have a purpose.

Hello guys, so I am new here. I am here today due to the fact that I finally found what I have been looking for. a year back I got though this break up with my ex girlfriend due to terrible reasons...and I want her back. it seems most people on here are on the same boat. I came with an open mind to find out a perfect method to get my ex back. I really do want her back in my life despite it being months since we have talked and she hating me. I keep on having dreams about her and me being happy and I just cant hold it out. I need people to help/teach me how I can remote influence her to have good feelings about me and to fix the relationship. once I do get her back and we stay together...I wont be using this anymore. so please if there is any advice please do give so. I know it has to be positive thoughts about the person and concentration, but how do you usually end it? is it just the mind alone and that's all that is required?


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