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6/06/2017 2:34 pm  #1

Newbie :)

Hi everyone. Β I am new here but not new to LOA. Β I have had small manifestations in the past and I know it works. Β Recently, my ex and I broke up. Β I am currently working on myself and also starting a new relationship with him. Β I am also working on attracting a new job - I have not been having much success with this one so hoping to gain some insights and landing my dream job soon! Β 


6/06/2017 5:27 pm  #2

Re: Newbie :)

Welcome!!! Take a look on the forum, you're going to find a lot of good advices!Β 


6/07/2017 10:41 am  #3

Re: Newbie :)

Thank you, KavikΒ 

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