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5/29/2017 11:04 am  #1

tried RS for first time and got dumped 2 hrs later .. devastated :(

can anyone shed some light on this as ordered 'pussy whipped' rs book yesterday to help with my long distance relationship and wondering if should throw straight in the bin
tried RS for first time this morning as we had words last night, he then called and finished our relationship saying he loved me too much to keep me hanging on, with all that he has got going on (troubled daughter living with him, sister dying cancer, friend/lodger being needy, money troubles, 2 day week at work the list goes on) he cant make a commitment any time soon and wants me to get on with my life - I'm totally devastated, we've been in this long distant relationship 4 yrs :0 when we spoke later he told me he loved me and when I said I was upset we wouldn't be going Ireland together next year he said - there's nothing to say we cant still go (erm .. but you just dumped me??) he also said if its meant to be it will somehow work itself out - I cant bear these half hopes, if its over id rather he say - and why make a point of telling me he loves me after he just broke me heart, confused and devastated - do you think RS had something to do with this ? when I visualised I saw myself as 28 lbs lighter I know clutching at straws but wondering if manifested us getting back when ive lost weight - which I'm sure to now, haven't eaten a thing!!

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6/10/2017 4:38 am  #2

Re: tried RS for first time and got dumped 2 hrs later .. devastated :(

update : didn't want to leave this post on a negative vibe
we re-connected, taking baby steps but I believe the 'dumping' was supposed to happen to enable us to both gain perspective, I'm in a much better place now - I had in fact been keeping a gratitude journal and had also asked the universe for a more secure and loving relationship with my partner, the universe delivered .. it had to come appart to come together again, in a less needy way .. feel much more secure.he let me go because he said he couldn't give me what I wanted right now and couldn't bear hurting me (not yet able to commit due to distance, work, teen daughters needing him, sister v ill needing him etc)I also realised wasn't ready for commitment either at this time, its just not great timing right now .. but we both love each other and have decided to be together, treasure the times we are able to be together and wait for the universe to work its magic. i will continue to work on visualising and living 'as if' strange thing is even before knowing about loa and stumbling across this website there were certain thing i visualised (subsconsciously not pre-meditated) his van with toold parked outside, us going shopping and him stopping by at his favourite club for a pint, even us getting married in vegas - strange as the same visions/scenes came to me without forcing them almost like a knowing or premonition. he made a 100 mile round trip on tues to see me for 3 hrs despite having got up for work at 4-5 am that morning, that's proof enough of his commitment and I am truly grateful .. the old me would have stamped her foot that he had to return home as he had work in the morning (ugly scene!) the new me is so grateful he made the effort, grateful for the lovely time we spent and grateful he wanted to come to me in the first place !!

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6/10/2017 10:04 am  #3

Re: tried RS for first time and got dumped 2 hrs later .. devastated :(

Awwiee I was about to shed some tears but he is back yey!

I am blessed and loved.

LJ + K forever!

7/13/2017 10:36 pm  #4

Re: tried RS for first time and got dumped 2 hrs later .. devastated :(

Wow, congratulations 


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