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4/09/2017 4:11 am  #1

Update: We've Been Texting!


If you've been reading my stuff, first of all, I appreciate it greatly. But for those of you who haven't, I've been writing about a special someone named Armando.

He is no longer in Korea. He ended up going back to Hawaii, without telling me. But we'd been texting while he was out here, up until he ended up leaving, and he's managed to text me upon returning to Hawaii as well. I'm trying to understand what all this means, but it must be something far more interesting than what I had in mind. I wonder what is to come of this.

The thing that stands out to me most is that he told me he's trying to better himself, which is what I'd been wanting for the both of us! And to actually see him text that to me is crazy! 

For those of you who've been reading, you know that I thought I scared him off with a confession text that he didn't think I was gonna have the balls to send. It silenced him for about a week, and I did my best to stay positive about it. Who knows what goes through a boy's brain when a girl tells him that she can't see herself with anyone else! 

But low and behold, he'd come back, and was texting me whenever he could! We ended up texting back and forth for a couple days, which was surprising. Maybe he's starting to see that I mean what I say. I truly want no one else besides him. Still a ways to go, but I want to thank anyone who's been reading my posts. All I can see is progress, even if it's small. Maybe it's a lot bigger than I can imagine, and Armando just isn't telling me anything! We'll see. Just gotta keep the faith!


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