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4/01/2017 11:30 pm  #1

Manifested my beautiful house !! ❀😊❀😊

Hello everyone ! I'm very happy to share this success story although a bit late cos I couldn't get the right mind set to write about it all these days as I was busy with my work projects and travelling ! 😊

For a few months I was on a lookout for a house to move into from my folks house and had started my search for a nice pretty house ! But my folks were very particular that I take a place close to their house and not somewhere far away ! But in my mind I was quite particular about a few things;
1. Preferably a newly built house as I dint want to move into a house where people lived in that space before.
2. I Wanted a house which is very spacious well ventilated and with lots of natural light coming in!
3. A house where all the hobby classes,gym,activity centres,grocery store should be fairly close by !
4. I believe a fair bit in vastu (a traditional Hindu system of architecture,they describe principles of design layout,measurements,ground preparation,space arrangement and spatial geometry) hence wanted a house which meets with this requirement Atleast to 70%
5. Close by to parents house

I then contacted a house broker to help me with it,he said most of the things on the list won't be met and I have to compromise and get a house that was available,he believed I couldn't get a house which met all of the above conditions !! So my search began. I was very disappointed with all the houses being shown as one house would have great ventilation and light but would be so old style and boring where the minute I stepped into the house I would feel like running out and then there were others which were fairly ok but far away to all the groceries and other things I mentioned! Each house shown to me met only a few of my conditions/preferencesand it was gettin very disappointing and frustrating for me! A few months went by in all this with no positive results that I wanted and I then wondered why not try using the LOA to manifest my dream house ? Within 2weeks of me using the LOA I got my good news !!! 😊😊😊😊😊

One day I was passing by a big main road,(it was a route I hadn't passed by in months) to buy some clothes with a few friends when my eyes fell onto a beautiful house on the main road ! I just fell in love with the house !!! What got me even more excited was the fact that it was newly built,but I wasn't sure if the owners were looking for tenants! When I next visualised automatically this house popped into my head and I was quite surprised,but I continued my visualisations anyway!

Meanwhile my brother was on a look out for office space for his business and after a few days he happened to stop by the same house I loved,as,next to this house was a building lookin to rent out their space for office use ! He dint like the office space at all ! But while he was coming out the owner of the house was opening the gate and saw my brother,the owner requested my brother to take his car out of the driveway as he wanted to get his car out and then they started talkin and that's when the owner said he's looking for tenants for his house! My brother told him "my sister is looking to move into a house too so maybe I can ask her to have a look here" and they exchanged contact details!

That same evening I went to see the house with my dad and uncle and was so surprised to see that it was the same house that I was in love with !!the interior of the house was far more beautiful than its exterior!! It was made so elegant and the walls and bathroom and everything seemed amazing !! It had a balcony which over looked the main road and had 2 big trees infront of the house. Then I got my uncle to check the vastu of the house and it was 95% according to vastu !! Yay ! I was beyond myself ! The house was situated on a very big and busy main road,more than what I wished for,grocery store was about 100 steps away and gym 200 steps away and all activity centres Hardly 5 minutes walk from my house which meant I dint even have to use my car to get to these places !! What's more this area has a young crowd and hence many happening hangouts were close by like restaurants shopping places etc ! The only big problem was the rent ! The owner was quoting way too high  and it was heart breaking for me cos I dint want to pay that kind of rent for this house ! So I got back home disappointed !

Then I decided to try PW on the owner and I did it half heartedly for a few days and then within no time he called back to ask what happened y I haven't gotten back to him? I told him I can't pay that kind of rent as I found it too high! He finally set another appointment to negotiate and this time my dad and me went to speak with him and he agreed to the rent We wanted to settle for !!! Yipeeeeee I was beyond ecstatic !!! It almost felt surreal ! And in 20 days I moved into my dream house ! It's been a few months that I am enjoying my new house and all the amazing hobby centres around !

My house has been one of my big wishes and fastest manifestation in the recent times it almost seems like luck and coincidence as everything happend so fast and exactly the way I wanted it but I know it was LOA and PW in action !! I am super happy and wanted to share this happy news with My friends here as I haven't posted much on this forum  😊


4/02/2017 6:18 am  #2

Re: Manifested my beautiful house !! ❀😊❀😊



4/02/2017 6:56 am  #3

Re: Manifested my beautiful house !! ❀😊❀😊

Thank u 😁

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9/30/2022 12:58 pm  #4

Re: Manifested my beautiful house !! ❀😊❀😊

Wow. You had the clear detail. I need to go back to my vision board and keep working on this one. This is a cool story. There is a YouTube video from 60 Minutes - about this African American guy with a big extended family. He bought a big old house in Virginia. After he bought it, he learned it had been a slave plantation. And it gets crazier - the family found out through records that their ancestors - their own family had been enslaved there. Talk about coming full circle. I really believe he and his siblings - and their angels - manifested that one. Just incredible. Congrats to you!


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