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3/30/2017 8:37 am  #1

He wants space

Hi there guys, I've been on this forum before with another ex and you guys were all so warm and comforting but I manifested a different man to my life after shifting focus from my ex to a new person.

This new person and I have been dating for just over a year and he has commitment issues, he's quite anxious about his future to. Thoughts have been brewing in his mind about us. He says he's very happy and almost too comfortable. He sees us as soulmates and sees us as best friends who are dating but has chosen to end it because he's confused about what he wants. He chose to leave because he said the relationship was getting too intense and it had moved too far along for his liking. He didn't want to do this.

We have the same group of friends and I'll be seeing him quite regularly. Is this a good thing in particular? I'm not sure what affirmations or how I should use LOA to manifest him back. I'm certain he's the one. I really do miss him and I want things to progress especially when I see him Saturday 8th April.


3/30/2017 9:02 am  #2

Re: He wants space

The great thing about this is that you already know that you can manifest and you have a pretty good idea of how to do so. Although it is never our favorite news to hear someone we care about needing space or time, you can be happy that you know you can resolve this. My first thought for you is to not have a big reaction because you know that he wants you but is fearful.Β  I'd suggest visualizations that include the type of relationship you want.

The Universe is your playground.

3/30/2017 10:37 am  #3

Re: He wants space

I know I shouldn't worry, I'm I'm worried about not manifesting quickly enough or not manifesting at all. I think these thoughts hinder what the universe has planned but I can't  help it.

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3/30/2017 1:47 pm  #4

Re: He wants space

Don't worry about it. It just not worth the stress nor is it rational.

The Universe is your playground.

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