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3/29/2017 9:29 pm  #71

Re: NO CONTACT!! Ok?!?!

Blue wrote:

Then don't, it's okay. "No Contact" is only for those who are overbearing and borderline stalker-ish or people who just can't handle their feelings and reactions. It's fine to have a child together, just try to be as civil as possible.

We talk and see each other every day. It's hard to keep the conversation strictly about our child. We even hang out/spend time together with our daughter. She is currently talking to someone else as well. I've asked her to give us another chance a couple of times. She recently agreed that we are "going with the flow" What should I do? Am I pulling her closer or giving her an easier time?


3/30/2017 7:59 am  #72

Re: NO CONTACT!! Ok?!?!

shia.wise wrote:

I'm doing the 25 day challenge. I can't do the no contact rule because we have a child together.

Well of course not.Β  Just keep things amiable and don't take anything that is said or done personally. She said just go with the flow, so do that.Β  Just allow things to happen naturally and don't prompt the relationship idea.

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