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3/26/2017 7:26 am  #1

Begun the love spell

So I started on Lanies spell today.
I feel I'm having trouble clearing my mind totally. My thoughts tend to wander.
But today I had this calm feeling in my chest area already after the number 10.
After the spell I did a ctc.

I've set this schedule.
Sunday. LS
Monday. PW
Tuesday. BWD
Wednesday. LS
Thursday. PW
Friday. BWD
Saturday. LS

But, is the second week the same schedule as the first? (After I've waited 7 days from the last LS)

I wish lanie would make another PW mediation. I find it hard to concentrate thru all 28 minutes of meditation. Wish she could make on that's about 15 minutes long.
I know it's because we have to get into slpha. But my mind is just not trained enough to such a long session πŸ˜†


3/28/2017 7:56 am  #2

Re: Begun the love spell

It sounds like maybe you should drop PW, BWD or both until you're done with the Love Spell.Β  If you're flustered about how much time it is taking.

The Universe is your playground.

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