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3/23/2017 4:40 pm  #1

New and Open to Advice and techniques

Hi all!

I'm new to LOA but I have practised tarot and Wicca before which are quite similar in that you are asking questions from the universe. I came across LOA a little while ago after suffering from a really bad depression which led to me becoming totally and completely isolated and alone. Since discovering the LOA I am starting to overcome a lot of my issues, however I still have a long way to go before I get my dream life.

I have successfully manifested things like money into my life (still in a lot of debt but I've managed to keep myself going due to finding new and regular sources of income) and I've managed to work on writing my own book and going back to work.

The only thing is - I desperately (probably too desperately) want to manifest contact and closeness back into my life but nothing has came of it yet. I feel that things are changing, but theres still a lot of blockages.
Hope to speak with you all soon


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