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3/15/2017 3:18 pm  #11

Re: Pussy Whip Technique - use and technique

Lanie Stevens wrote:

Dream101 wrote:

Lanie Stevens wrote:

I don't know about this forum but I know at Lipstick Alley they have many success stories. Β :-)


Thanks Lanie - I have tried it once but literally just felt that I was doing it with my conscious mind and not my sub-conscious mind - finding it hard to open up the 3rd eye area - do you have any tips?

Yes, don't worry about your subconscious mind! Β I write the entire description but truthfully when you are doing the technique you will automatically get into the right state of mind within a few sessions. Β Don't worry about the details or fret about the results and you will find success. Β xoxoxoxoxo

I could be wrong, but I always see people say.    Just do it for fun, don't be desperate when doing it. And also KNOW your RS session will impact them


3/16/2017 11:35 am  #12

Re: Pussy Whip Technique - use and technique

I've been doing PW for a little over a week. My love (ex) is showing bizarre behavior- saying LOA related things, and I'm sure he does not know about LOA.

I've been practicing on another guy a few times without any attachment to the outcome as an experiment. He rarely initiates hanging out/texts. In fact he pretty much MIA'd on me for a few months and we just got back in touch. I've been going through some personal issues, and in my visualization, I imagine him saying he'll be there for me as a friend when I need it. All of a sudden, he texted me asking me to meet this weekend and that he's here for me! I am shocked!


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