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3/09/2017 1:45 pm  #1

New and Excited!

Greetings guys from dublinπŸ€ new to this forum and just couple wks post finding veronica online( thank god) ... your stories are such an inspiration! My issue is not believing in my ability to be enough for somebody after been in a toxic relationship for 7 years . I did find the most amazin soul partner a year later but i just wasnt ready to give- i hadnt enough work done on myself with tbe result of him pulling away - we parted in nov 16 and i'm gunna get this godsend back! I'm working on letting go and when i hear of events he has goin on im genuinely happy for him- he too was broken hearted before we met! Je's everything i envisioned and i let it slip away- the universe is so funny in showing me the past wk subtle signs that i'm capable of manifesting and i'm gunna trust that when were both ready our paths will meet again😍 - love and light to you all xxxx


3/09/2017 3:51 pm  #2

Re: New and Excited!

Oh I love Dublin. Been many times but not for a while. Need to go back! 😊

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