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3/03/2017 10:32 pm  #1

Time for me ❀️

I posted earlier loads night about taking time for me. Well after I posted I mediated  and listened to  some affirmations about getting my ex back and it actiallY put me to sleep. I was awaken by a bang at the door I was startled 😱 then it came around to my bedroom window. 10:30 at night here is my ex once again this time no sex he just talked .. really I wonder what's going on I am trying to manifest him he keeps coming around but nothing he won't apologize he will alway hug me ask am I taking care of myself and leave.. now I'm really scratching my head.  I know we are both waiting on the other to say something but either way it just won't come out ..

Endless Love ❀️ 
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