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2/24/2017 6:23 pm  #1

RS strike again

My last post I posted how I have been doing RS and it works my ex came last week and we ended up having sex and I posted about it although I wanted to have sex with him . I want more love sex will happen . So I've been focusing on more love and feelings of great moments together not just  the sexy stuff. Last night a get a knock at the door it's my ex. This time he gave me money he owned me and we talked nothing deep and he started with the looks and I continued to talk and did not give in . As bad as I wanted too I just couldn't. I want him back mind and spirit they body will follow. He didn't pressure me . So I know im manifesting I want the loving man I know he can be . I've purchased one of Lanie Stevens books I hope it helps . As well I know I'm manifesting but why is sex always . Where's the apology and let make our relationship work talk.

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2/24/2017 6:33 pm  #2

Re: RS strike again

Have you read Pussy Whip? That's more geared toward romantic connection rather than sexual experiences.Β 

It Is Not What Happens To You, It Is How You Respond To It.Β 

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