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2/23/2017 1:41 am  #1

LOA to attract text or phone call success

I tried what Veronica said about what to do in order to attract a text from someone. There has been some distance in the relationship between my boyfriend and I and he was only replying to my messages when I initiate it. This was getting to be a little stressful and I wanted him to initiate text or phone call. Day 1, I imagined what text I wanted to receive from him, did visualisation, stayed positive and I even sent myself a pretend text but nothing happened, Day 2 I did the same thing, on Day 3, I was getting too much negative thoughts and was getting angry at him for a lot of reasons. So, I sent a pretend text to myself on what was bothering me about him (I imagined that I was sending this to him), and I also sent myself a positive reply from him for my text. Β I even cried a lot and I was feeling very demotivated and desperate on the third day. But guess what, on the third day, he called me and he spoke pretty much the same words that I imagined him to be telling me. Needless to say, I was super happy. Maybe getting all the negativity out in the open helped me to bring positive results with LOA. Thanks Veronica for your valuable inputs and advice on how to use LOA. I feel very good about getting such positive response from the universe. Thank you.


2/28/2017 10:58 pm  #2

Re: LOA to attract text or phone call success

wow so happy for you :-)


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